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Barnbilt Headers

Barnbilt Speed and Fab since 2015

In 2013 a good friend of mine contacted me about possibly doing some work for him on his car. I had met him through the local car scene so I agreed to help him out. Shortly after taking care of him I started receiving more and more phone calls needing work done and before long I had a small waiting list of work to do. Fast forward to 2015 I had became steady with evening and weekend work and was working outside in the driveway so my parents told me to just move into to front of their barn to at least get me out of the weather. Naturally it was not long until people started making comments about their cars being "Barn Built" and so it began. I eventually upgraded the area, poured concrete, installed a lift as well as climate control but in the beginning it was literally dirt and rubber mats to lay on. It was not much but I was very thankful for my parents letting me use the space. To this day I am still blown away by the amount of support I received as well as the trust people put into someone who was literally working in a 20' x 25' area in the front of a barn. The work ethics that I established during that time was the very thing that kept them returning and also responsible for what the name has grown into today. The barn is now just a part of my past however I will never forget my roots. The name "Barnbilt" does not define the environment in which your project is getting done in, but instead defines the person who is completing the project.